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Wedding Locations in St. Marys, GA.
St. Marys is where love lives and where legendary “I do’s” are as abundant as the diamond-dust stars that blanket the night skies of Coastal Georgia. From the simple to the sensational, the locations and venues available to you will fulfill your every desire.

The Grande Dame of antebellum mansions, Orange Hall, with her majestic staircase and sweeping veranda is a vision of Scarlett O’Hara elegance and grace.

St. Marys’ Waterfront Park and its romantic, white-columned gazebo offer an extraordinary setting of mystical marshes, calm harbor waters and stunning horticultural beauty.

The Marsh Walk (just west of the Waterfront Park) stretches out into the gentle marsh. When the legendary “Magic Hour” of the evening arrives, the sunset fills the horizon with hues of jeweled purple and gold. It is a serene and unforgettable setting for an intimate ceremony.

Smaller ceremonies are beautifully presented in St. Marys’ quaint bed and breakfast inns in St. Marys Historic District. Here you will discover the true meaning of Southern charm and hospitality.  (Goodbread photo and link: www.goodbreadhouse.com )

Many couples choose to create an unforgettable and unique wedding at Crooked River State Park, just a few minutes from the waterfront. The historic tabby ruins make a striking altar that frames a perfect afternoon ceremony.

Both Osprey Cove and Laurel Island Country Club are experienced hosts and will provide you with the ultimate, complete wedding package. These sumptuous facilities offer the highest quality of service, beauty and comprehensive hospitality

Couples who seek something a bit more exotic might take a cue from JFK, Jr. and wed on nearby Cumberland Island. Private launches or the Cumberland Island ferry easily transport guests to the island where a simple ceremony on the beach or amidst the Dungeness Ruins makes for a most memorable occasion.

Cumberland Island’s Greyfield Inn (where JFK, Jr an his bride held their post-wedding ceremony) hosts storybook weddings in and around the turn-of-the-century mansion.